About Audit


Is A Systematic And Independent Review Of Various HSE Management Systems/ Procedures/ Practices So To Verify Their Conformance Against Established National As Well International Guide Lines Or Standards. It Is Also An Identification Process To Provide Opportunities To The Clients For Further Improvements Based On Non Conformities (NC). We Offer Audit Services In Following Specific Domain

List Of Audit


OH&S Audit As per IS-14489:2018

  • Conducted by DGFASLI (Ministry of Labor & Employment ) trained safety auditor
  • Statutory Requirement as per The Factories Act.1948 & The Respective State Factory Rules
  • Conducted by the most experience professional expert in respective domain/sector

Fire Safety Audit

  • Conducted by well experienced fire expert
  • As per TAC, NFPA, NBC, NABH, State Factory Rules & IS Guideline
Fire service
Electical Safety Audit

Electrical Safety Audit

  • Conducted by well experienced electrical expert
  • As per The IER-1956 & CEA Guidelines

Hospital Fire Audit

  • Conducted As Per COHA ( Consortium of Accredited Healthcare Organizations) Guideline / NABH Guideline
Hospital Audit
Labour Audit

Labour & Sanitation Audit

  • Conducted by well experienced labour / Retired ALO & Sanitation expert

OISD-145 Safety Audit

  • Conducted by well experienced OISD / Oil & Gas expert
  • As per OISD Guidelines on Internal Safety Audits (Procedures and Checklist)
OSID Audit
Security Audit

Security Audit

  • Conducted by well experienced security/police expert